Photo: Jørn Lavoll

Bio: I am a professor in media studies at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at University of Bergen. I specialize in video game research, and I am currently project manager of the research project Games and Transgressive Aesthetics. I am also the director of the bachelor and master programmes in Media and Interaction Design, located at Media City Bergen.

My research is mainly qualitative, and focuses on understanding games from the point of view of players. I have published research on player experiences with uncomfortable game content, game sound, and game user interfaces, and on the Norwegian game industry, game research methods, game narratives, and play.

Contact information

Kristine Jørgensen
Department of Information Science and Media Studies
University of Bergen

Postal address:
PO box 7802
N-5020 Bergen

Media City Bergen
Lars Hilles gate 30
Room 2.111

Email: Kristine [.] Jorgensen [at] uib [.] no

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